Personal Income Tax Returns as Unique as Our Clients!

Discover How Easy And Affordable Your Personal Income Tax Filing Can Be With C & V Income Tax Services

Filing Your Personal
Income Tax Return
Requires a Friendly,
Personal Approach

Everyone’s home life, family situations and work responsibilities are complex and always changing. Our personalized approach starts with a friendly one-on-one evaluation that allows you and a tax professional to get familiar. Taking the stress out of tax filing is our main goal and figuring out your specific needs always comes first!

File Your Income
Tax Return in Person

$55.00 Each + Tax

Our offices are conveniently located at 630 Southdale Rd E, and we’ve taken every step to ensure an efficient and relaxing environment to meet with one of our tax professionals. Don’t hesitate to drop in and say hello! We guarantee we can provide an affordable tax solution that’s perfect for you. Returns are available by paper copy or sent digitally via email. Extra copies are an additional $10.00 + HST.

File Your Income
Tax Return Online

$55.00 Each + Tax

Your life seems to get busier everyday and we can definitely relate. That’s why we’re proud to offer a simple and secure online tax return form perfect for anyone who prefers to file from the comfort of their home or on the go. Returns are sent automatically via email. Get started with your online income tax return now!

Credit Only Filers

$45.00 Each + Tax

At C & V Income Tax Services, we can help you with our services for individuals looking to file only their credit files.

This service is intended for No-Income, UCCB, Social Assistance, Workers Comp, or Tuition claims only. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by and talk with one of our Customer Service Representatives. 


Keep all your personal records on hand but leave that big box of receipts at home! All the tax forms you fill out at our office or online rely on a truthful and personal disclosure of your earnings, assets and expenses. Have a specific tax complication or questions about the documents you need to reference during your visit? Just ask! We can advise you on what to bring, whether your situation might involve some extra work or hourly consultations. We offer a range of additional filing services that cover all schedules required by the Ontario government for your unique situation.

Additional Services Offered:

Are You Self-Employed
or a Small Business Owner?

Self-employment and small business tax filing is stress-free with C & V Income Tax Services. We love supporting local businesses!

$100.00 Each + Tax

Are You Working as
a Long Haul Trucker?

If you meet the requirements to be a certified long-haul driver you can recover some of your meal expenses incurred on those long journeys.

$30.00 Each + Tax

Are You Planning to
Relocate for Work?

If you're going to have to move closer to work you might be able to recoup your expenses. Ask us about filing a Moving Expense statement today!

$40.00 Each + Tax

Do You Own a
Rental Property?

We can help you organize and report your annual rental income as well as determine your deductible expenses for filing your Rental Income Statement!

$65.00 Each + Tax

Do You Travel
for Work?

You might be eligible to claim gas, food and travel expenses. Let us help you with a thorough Employment Expenses filing.

$40.00 Each + Tax

Starting at $80.00/hr and charged in 15 minute increments*

If you forgot to declare something on your personal income tax filing it's certainly not the end of the world. We’ll fix it for you at an hourly rate! We offer a wide range of affordable hourly services like company bookkeeping, payroll services, and more. Let’s work together to correct your most recent tax filing or meet any specialized tax requirements you might have.

*Only charged when any additional work is done. (ie. adding up receipts, bookkeeping consultations and CRA representation.) Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment, Adjustment.