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If you're a small business owner or are collecting income as a self-employed individual you could be missing out on crucial deductions and rebates every year. Choose London's tax filing experts to handle your yearly small business and self-employed financial reporting.

A Comprehensive
and Critical Annual
Tax Filing Is Good
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The CRA lets those who own businesses or are self-employed claim many yearly expenses that can be extremely useful for generating extra income or covering unforeseen costs. Typically, if you are self-employed, your yearly tax rate will be the same as a regular employee. However, If you're running a registered business your deductions are greater than a wage worker. With C & V Income Tax Services, you can take advantage of our expert staff who will help you turn a yearly chore into a quick and affordable tax filing that's just a click or call away!

File Your Business or Self-Employed Income Tax Now

Starting at $100 Per Business Schedule + Tax

You’re welcome to stop by our London, Ontario office located at 630 Southdale Rd E to discuss your business or self-employed tax schedule with our staff. We guarantee we can find an affordable solution that can allow you some added benefits to reinvest in your business!

Add on: File HST Service

$45 + hourly charges

If you are HST registered, we will require a Business Authorization whether we file your HST return or not. We must confirm and reconcile your government remittances before recording them on the tax return.

Complete our business tax forms

Whether you file with us online or in person, you will need to complete the Business Return Worksheet.

We have also prepared an easy-to-use checklist so you can conveniently run-down what you will need to provide us for an accurate return.



Whether you have set yourself up as a business, if you are earning income that is not paid to you by an employer, you are considered Self Employed. It becomes your responsibility to accurately report your yearly income based on your activities as a self-employed individual. If you own a registered business, you should be able to provide a fairly detailed assessment of the profits and expenses for your business so you can collaborate with your tax professional and prepare for the filing.

Our business return worksheet will help guide you through determining your income and the variety of expenses applicable to your business income.
Our team of experts are eager to help you navigate the complexities of filing your business tax return and to make you aware of all the opportunities available to you.



Our hourly rates of $20 per ¼ hour will apply when any additional work is required in order to determine complete and accurate information on your business return. This would include any totaling of receipts; calculating HST, Payroll, and WSIB claims; reconciling government remittances, and consultations with the business owner.