Crystal Volpe


About Crystal

Crystal Volpe began C & V Income Tax Services in 1988 and has spent the last 34 years gaining knowledge and experience dealing with Canada Revenue Agency and the Income Tax Act.

She is a Certified Tax Writer with several income tax certifications including personal, self employed, business, rental, deceased, trust, foreign and United States tax returns.

Crystal has developed systems and procedures to ensure the highest level of service to her clients. The incredible team she has built at C & V Income Tax Services are like family, not only to each other but to our customers. Her passion for life and willingness to do what ever it takes to help anyone has been the foundation of her business.

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Leigh Beaudoin

Finance Manager

About Leigh

Leigh joined C & V Income Tax Services as a seasonal Tax Associate in 2005. Her awesome energy and laughter is contagious to both clients and team members and she has a welcoming and positive attitude that draws people in. Leigh has completed many tax preparation courses and assists with staff training.

We were very excited to have Leigh join our year round team in 2019 as our Finance Manager. Leigh is responsible for account payables, account receivables, payroll, expenses, developing long-term business plans, reviewing, monitoring and managing budgets and developing strategies that work to minimize financial risk. Leigh works closely with Crystal on daily bases to ensure the financial success of our business.

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Tiffany Peverall

Human Resource Manager

About Tiffany

Tiffany joined C & V Income Tax Services in 2013 as our Human Resource Manager. Tiffany hails from Australia and has spent a great number of years self employed. Tiffany's varied experience in both the financial and farming sectors allows her the ability to connect seamlessly with our team members and students. Her easy going attitude and fun loving nature makes her relatable and approachable.

Tiffany works closely with Crystal to develop company policies and directs and coordinates human resources activities, such as labor relations, benefits, and employee services. Tiffany provides her support to our staff via email, phone or in person. She is always available to support our staff with onboarding and transitioning new office policies and procedures.


Jamie VanBaxel

Tax Associate Supervisor

Jessie Duerksen

Receptionist, Administration Manager

About Jessie

Jessie started working with C & V Income Tax Services in 2013 as an administrative assistant as a part of Fanshawe College's Office Administration - Executive program. Jessie has an abundance of energy and continued working for C & V Income Tax Services as a member of our seasonal team well after she graduated from Fanshawe.

In 2018 she joined our year round full time team and has deepened her knowledge of our procedures and the income tax act. Jessie can be found buzzing around the reception desk, greeting clients, answering calls or emails and following up with client requests.

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Kyle Morash

Tax Associate Supervisor

About Kyle

Kyle joined C &V Income Tax Services in January 2019 as a cooperative education student from Fanshawe. Kyle is working towards his Accounting degree and returns to us for a second work term with us.

Kyle always has a smile for his coworkers and clients alike. He has a positive, can-do attitude that makes him an asset in any department. Kyle has continued his professional development by furthering his education with our Advanced Tax Preparation course and will be using a full range skills he has acquired to review tax returns with our clients.


Cody Crozier

Senior Tax Preparer

About Cody

Cody joined C & V Income Tax Services in January of 2018 as a Fanshawe cooperative education student working with us for a work placement. Cody continued working with us until he graduated in December 2018 with the distinction of Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree. Cody's calm and confident nature makes him a favorite among our clients while his strong understanding of the income tax act makes him an integral member of our team.

Cody joined our year round team in January of 2019 as we simply could not bear to see him go. Cody has continued his professional development by furthering his education with our Advanced Tax Preparation course. Cody can be found reviewing tax returns with clients and assisting with bookkeeping and tax preparation. As Tax Associate Manager, Cody will work closely with Dana as a key point of contact for our frontline staff and showing off his amazing customer service skills.

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Justin Tereschyn

Senior Tax Preparer

About Justin

Justin joined C & V Income Tax Services as a Senior Tax Preparer in 2019. Justin came to us with strong background in rental properties and bookkeeping. Justin has fantasitc customer service skills including an easy going, friendly attitude.

Justin's strong foundation allowed him to learn quickly and jump in to all aspects of the business.Justin has continued his professional development by furthering his education with our Advanced Tax Preparation course and perfecting his skills. Justin can be found going over tax returns with clients as well as assiting in bookkeeping and tax preparation.

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Laurie Greenhough

Senior Tax Preparer

Melanie Wooler

Senior Tax Preparer

About Melanie

Melanie started working with C & V Income Tax Services in 2016 as a co-op student from the Fanshawe College Accounting Degree Program. Our clients quickly discovered Melanie’s positive attitude, calm demeanor and her willingness to help. At the end of that tax season, Melanie happily joined the year-round team at C & V Income Tax Services.

After graduating from the Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Accounting degree program, Melanie continued enhancing her knowledge of the Income Tax Act through participation in our Income Tax Course and has expanded her abilities to assist our clients by becoming thoroughly familiar with our policies and procedures. Melanie’s smiling face will be sure to greet each client as they meet her at the pickup counter.

In 2019 Melanie became our Collections Manager and oversees our past due accounts. Her excellent customer relations are an asset in this role and her keen eye for details keep the accounts in order.

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Michael Joudrey

Senior Tax Consultant

About Michael

Mike joined C & V Income Tax Services in 2008 having many years experience working in the accounting field for a not-for-profit organization. Mike’s enthusiasm and positive attitude are infectious throughout the office – when he’s around, it’s always fun!

Mike’s keen attention to detail and in depth knowledge of the Income Tax Act make him a valuable asset to C &V Income Tax Services. He specializes in preparing returns involving rental properties, HST returns and self-employed businesses. Mike consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that our clients’ returns are prepared accurately.


Adam Borges

Tax Preparer

Jack Watson

Tax Preparer

Kirstin Porter

Tax Preparer

Kristina Cushman

Tax Preparer

Peter Grey

Tax Preparer

Sarah Jackson

Tax Preparer

Tanis McKerlie

Tax Preparer

Bassila Serhane

Tax Associate

Brady Cantlon

Tax Associate

Brooke Osmond

Tax Associate

Chris Spinello

Tax Associate

Ellah Mae Ermitanio

Tax Associate

Hussain Shaqour

Tax Associate

Kristen Ernest

Tax Associate

Meet Shah

Tax Associate

Natacha Nezerwe

Tax Associate

Nicholas Wensink

Tax Associate

Taylor Graham

Tax Associate

Liam McCall

Compliance Specialist

Denny Vu

Finance Associate

Nasrin Hashempour

Finance Associate

Ritika Arora

Finance Associate

Alison Procknow

Client Coordinator

Doha Alrawashdeh

Client Coordinator

Kyla Turcott

Client Coordinator

Manvirjot Singh

Client Coordinator

Dawn Paton

Quality Control

Igor Rodrigues

Quality Control

Valentyn Verhun

Quality Control


Head of Puplick Relations


Barketing Manager