Get The Help You Deserve When Filing Final Tax Returns!

When a loved one passes away it feels like you're faced with more responsibilities than you can possibly handle. C & V Income Tax Services wants to help you handle the workload that comes with registering your loved one's estate and filing a final tax return with the CRA. Our tax professionals provide compassionate and professional estate services that guarantee your family is supported during these trying times.

Get Caring and Compassionate
Final Tax Return

Although difficult, the designated executor must ensure that a final tax return is filed for the recently deceased. The final return has to show the total income earned from Jan. 1 to the date of their passing and can be subject to late fees in the unfortunate case of an outstanding balance. Income that accumulates after the date of death must roll over into a Trust Income Tax Return, provided as an additional service.

File Your Final
Tax Return Now

Starting at: $95.00 Each + Tax**
**Based on Basic Package

You’re welcome to stop by our London, Ontario office located at 630 Southdale Rd to discuss your final tax return with our staff. We guarantee we can find an affordable final tax solution that works to support your loved one’s wishes and their estate.

Make an Election to File A Rights & Things Return

Starting at: $95 + Tax **
**Based on Basic Package

You have one year to make an Election to file a Rights and Things tax return. This return may be completed when the deceased has money due to them at the time of passing but it was not paid out to them until after their passing (e.g. earnings; Vacation Pay). We will only file this tax return if there is a tax savings by making the election.

Complete Final Return Checklist


In order to file your Final Tax Return, you will need to first complete our Final Tax Return Form, which can be found in the Resources section of our site.


Whoever has been appointed as your loved one's executor or legal representative will take into account all of the assets, property, and debts that belong to the estate. You must also have a record of the deceased's date of death. All of this information will be necessary for filing your final tax return and will help in distributing the estate to the desired recipients. We can help make sure you have all the required information needed for your final return.


Was Your Loved One Self-Employed Or A Small Business Owner?

Self-employment and small business tax filing is stress-free with us. We love supporting local businesses!

Additional $100.00 Each + Tax

Did The Deceased Work
as a Long Haul Trucker?

If you meet the requirements to be a certified long-haul driver you can recover some of your meal expenses incurred on those long journeys.

Additional $30.00 Each + Tax

Did Your Loved One
Recently Move For Work?

If you're going to have to move closer to work you might be able to recoup your expenses. Ask us about filing a Moving Expense statement today!

Additional $40.00 Each + Tax

Did The Deceased Own
A Rental Property?

We can help you organize and report final rental income as well as determine the deductible expenses for filing a Rental Income Statement.

Additional $65.00 Each + Tax

Was Your Loved One Often
Travelling For Work?

You might be eligible to claim expenses they incurred during work hours. We can help you reclaim food and travel expenses with an Employment Expenses filing.

Additional $40.00 Each + Tax


Our hourly rates of $20 per ¼ hour will apply when any additional work is required in order to determine complete and accurate information on the final return. This would include the allocation of items to the final return or trust return; any reviewing of wills and financial documents; calculations of investments; correspondence with lawyers and financial planners; correspondence and guidance to executor or trustee; setting up and registering trust accounts with CRA.