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Your family trust was created as part of a sound financial plan and intended to pass family wealth and assets onto another generation. At C & V Income Tax Services, we respect the importance of your family legacy and work hard to help you secure these important benefits by providing affordable trust tax returns.

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Starting at: $125.00 Each + Tax **

** Additional Fees for Complex Trusts

Whether you have a living trust, a disability trust, a family trust or one was created upon the passing of your loved one, we are experienced in preparing a variety of Trust Returns.

Preparing and Filing
Of T3 Slips

Starting at: $65.00 Each + Tax **

** Additional Fee based on volume

The trust may have to issue T3 slips to the Beneficiaries, the fee includes the preparation of the T3 slips; filing the T3 slips, T3 summary and Trustee copies with CRA; copy of T3 slip for recipient and Trustee. Fees include up to 4 beneficiaries.

Complete Trust Return Checklist


In order to file your Trust Return, you will need to first complete our Trust Return Form, which can be found in the resources section of our site.



An Estate may be created at the time of passing or set up intentionally for tax planning reasons. A trust contains all income earned by the estate from the time of passing until the assets are distributed to the beneficiaries. Trusts can continue for years or even decades based on the wishes of the deceased or the terms of a legal trust. It is necessary for the executor to provide us with all statements of the accounts from January 1 of the year of passing until all the accounts are closed. If the accounts are not closed at year-end, trust returns will be required to be filed until proof that the Estate will not be earning any more income. It is critically important that all transactions of the Estate are recorded and accounted for until a clearance certificate is approved. One of our Trust specialized experts will ensure all the required information is reported and detailed for CRA.


Our hourly rates of $20 per ¼ hour will apply when any additional work is required in order to determine complete and accurate information on the trust return and slips. This would include reviewing of wills, legal and financial documents; calculations of investments; correspondence with lawyers and financial planners; correspondence and guidance to executor or trustee; review and advise on the accuracy of previously prepared returns, and setting up and registering trust accounts with CRA.