Instant Refund

Why Wait For Your Money?

Here, at C & V Income Tax Services, we offer priority service for our cashback clients. We do your return while you wait and you will get your refund on the spot!


We offer Instant Refunds on qualifying tax returns. Whether filing your tax return online or in person in our office, simply notify us that you are interested in an Instant Refund.


Stop by our London, Ontario office located at 630 Southdale Rd E and you will see one of our professional tax preparers. We will complete your return while you relax in our waiting room. During your wait, your cheque will be prepared and then you will be on your way with your refund! This process will vary depending on volume, scheduled return times may be requested.


When submitting your tax return through our Upload From Home page, go to the Filing Information area where it asks if you are interested in an Instant Refund, answer Yes if you would like to apply for an instant refund. If you qualify we will notify you and you will have to come into the office at 630 Southdale Rd E in London, ON with photo identification in order to sign the required documents and pick up your cheque.


In order to qualify for an instant refund you must have a tax refund that is free and clear from any government debts or liens. This includes all branches of the provincial and federal government. If your refund exceeds the debts, you may qualify for an instant refund on the difference.

The fee for an Instant Refund is $30 + 5% of the refund. In order to qualify, the Instant Refund fee must exceed your invoice total. If you do not qualify for an instant refund you are required to pay the invoice fee for the preparation of your tax return.

Starting at $80.00/hr and charged in 15 minute increments*

If you forgot to declare something on your personal income tax filing it's certainly not the end of the world. We’ll fix it for you at an hourly rate! We offer a wide range of affordable hourly services like company bookkeeping, payroll services, and more. Let’s work together to correct your most recent tax filing or meet any specialized tax requirements you might have.

*Only charged when any additional work is done. (ie. adding up receipts, bookkeeping consultations and CRA representation.) Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment, Adjustment.